Balsillie's of Oregon

27 December 2008

Balsillie~Anderson of Oregon

by John Balsillie

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New Findings & Research-the following is new information regarding the "Family", any and all information appreciated.

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new entry Feb. 2009
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new entry Feb. 2009

Need photos and info to complete this TimeLine


  • Balsillie Origins North America
  • The earliest known patriarchal lineage to North America (Canada) is Grandfather John Balsillie. John was born in Scotland in 1839. John's parents were David Balsillie, born 28 December 1806 in Crail (next to Pittenweem) Fifeshire, Scotland. Married 10 November 1833, in Kelso, Roxburgshire, (Mormon records show it as 17.11.1833, maybe registered then) to Agnes Tod/Todd. (note: Grave 13 Andrews Cathedral, East Fife records burial therein of David Balsillie, joiner, wife Agnes Tod, 28.6.1871.[ref:Balsillie-Rowand Family Tree Internet Information Tracking; Clayton Balsillie, 21 Oct. 2003) At age 16 he undertook employment with Hudson's Bay Co., immigrating to Canada via New York. A year later he relocated to Fort Gerry, one of Hudson Bay Company's major trading posts, located 20 miles N.E. of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was a pioneer of the stormy days with the local indians and became Chief Trader of the post, he was noted to be an educated and intelligent man of character. John married Adelaide Rowand in 1867 and had four daughters and three sons. Adelaide Rowand was the daughter of John Alexander Rowand Sr., Chief Factor (CEO) of Hudson's Bay Co.; noted historical figure in the development of Canadian history.
  • Emigration to the United States (my GrandParents)
    Hugh Sedley Blanchard Balsillie, his wife Martha Donalson-Balsillie, son Dougald Hugh Allen Balsillie and daughter Effie emigrated to the United States from Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada in 1924, where Hugh had acquired a position with American Gas & Machine Co., in Centralia, Washington, and where Norma Adelaide Balsillie-Anderson was born on 12 Jan. 1925. They lived there for a short time before a move to Seattle. In 1930 they moved to Portland, Oregon where Hugh was employed by Seattle Hardware as a salesman (1930-1942), Asbestos Supply Co. (1942-1945), Montgomery Ward (1945-1949). Hugh, Martha and Dougald became US Citizens in the early 1940's. The family lived in several Portland neighborhoods finally settling in Maplewood in 1934, when Norma was 9 years old.
  • Hugh's previous marriage ended with the loss of his wife, Effie Eggleston, but was blessed with a daughter Effie Balsillie, or as we knew her, Auntie Tye (born Wetaskiwin). Auntie Tye had two daughters, Janet and Frances May, both living in Seattle, Washington. Hugh and Martha also had two other children, losing them both after a few short days: Robert ( Wetaskiwin b1914) and Donald (Wetaskiwin b1919).
  • Martha Donaldson Balsillie (my Grandmother) also had a younger sister, Jessie Donaldson (see photo) who married into the Leathem family during WWII, they had a daughter Nora (never married) and a son Kenneth.
  • Trivia: Hugh Sedley Blanchard Balsillie was named after his Godfather Hugh Sedley BLANCHARD, John Balsillie's good friend and partner. John Balsillie, Hugh Blanchard and another partner bought Fort Gerry when Hudson's Bay Company no longer needed it. [remembrances: Norma Adelaide Balsillie-Anderson & Clayton Balsillie 2008]
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Angus & Donaldson Family

John & Louise Rowand Sr.

The Rowand-Balsillie family heritage predates that of many famlies living in the Oregon Territory today, along with the influence of Hudson's Bay Company, and the support of the original Fort Boise, its people, and the early fur trade, was instrumental in development of the area. On July 4th, 1863, a new Fort Boise was established by the United States Army on the Boise River on a site that would later become the city of Boise.

Headstone JOHN ROWAND 1787-1854 "Partner in the North West Company. Chief Factor of the Hudson's Bay Company, Rowand of Fort Edmonton was reputed to be "the most influential white man among the wild tribes of the plains". Admired for his courage and integrity, he was a powerful force in keeping the peace in this region, where he spent most of his life." Historic Sites & Monuments Board of Canada

For those of you sans a classical education or well read in history, [non C.V. (cirriculum vitae)], the term Chief Factor, brit. (archaic to say the least) "is the highest official position within a company." In this case the Hudson's Bay Co., circa 16th-17th century, "responsible for the management of several outposts, only Chief Traders could be promoted to this position." Today the acronym might be CEO/COO or Chief Executive Officer/Chief Operating Officer and the corresponding, Chief Trader being some kind of CXO guru in management. jb

GG Grandparents John & Margarete Rowand Jr.(above right)

  • Great Grandparents John & Adelaide Balsillie (l)

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Grandparents Hugh & Martha Balsillie

The marrige of Hugh Balsillie (Clan Leslie) and Martha Donaldson (of Clan MacInnes/Angus & Clan Macdonald) unites the Clans. (above right)


My parents Loraine & Dougald"Doug" Balsillie c. 2000

Jim & Norma Anderson
(with much pride my friends and Aunt & Uncle)

Cousin Jeff & wife Linda (left) cousin Hugh in the left hand corner.

The ever erudite and expressive Jeff.

The whole family 2008

Dick & Casey, @ Reedville Cafe,
Hillsboro, Oregon 2008 (above)

Dr. Meath "Doug" Conlan
& Randy, Nyssa, Or. 2008 (l)

Hunting trip c 1980's in Oregon
Doc Moore, John Balsillie, Doug Balsillie, Joe

Sgt. John Balsillie Det 1 601st Tac Con Sq. 1969. Kirch~Goens

Left: Our Air Force site at Kirch~Goens

Go to link at top of page for Message & Photo Page on USAF, Det 1/Det 21, 601st TCS EUROPE

Dr. Meath Conlan with John Balsillie in Nyssa 2007

Malcolm with John in Nyssa 2009

THE AUSTRALIAN YEARS ~ Recollections~Missives~Nuances ..........all these memories have served me well, all have their truthfulness; some are stated with a modicum of lightheartedness, but beneath it all-there is a high degree of accuracy and much fondness. john

The Folksingers 1965

Above: Ian is pointing his "finger gun" at my head.

"Gig" on the Cruise Ship Galileo Galilei, Lloyd Triestino Line. 1966 From Perth, Australia to Naples, Italy. People: Mary Love, Jim Balsillie, ?, John Balsillie, Elaine

(left) Julie and Ann. North Quad., Applecross Leaving School, 5th Form, 1965. Exams over, and as I recall Julie was flexing her 'intellectual muscles' by not being in uniform for Stalwood(sp).

Julie in her elegant short sleeved blouse is appropriately attired for the warm weather, a slightly above the knee skirt shows the sophistication of a women that knows she has aced her leaving examinations and ready for the world that awaits her.
Ann is wonderfully dressed in her school colors; Applecross Coat of Arms above her breast and a lovely starched white collar sets her off beautifully. It is quite apparent that she has not finished her leaving examinations; still in awe and watchful of that cape'd crusader, Stalwood (Headmaster).

The First Meal, photo by Doug Balsillie, my father, 16 Aug 1963. (Burtco-project manager) this was the first meal for the ground breaking of the Howard E Holt Navy Station Exmouth Gulf, North West Cape, Western Australia. 789 miles north of Perth. Burtco Co. was subcontracted by Morrison-Knutson along with the US Navy and Australian Navy, was a joint-venture along with their subcontractors Monier, Hardeman & Hutcherson.
As a young man of 16, I went to work for both Burtco and the Navys' when school breaks allowed, getting my first drivers license administered by the local constable; working the mess hall, office and printing shop 10-12 hr. days, it was hard work, but rewarded with man sized wages allowing me to live well for the year. John W Balsillie
Sandra: as you can see, beautiful, forever dressed to a "t", always aware. A person to emulate, projected refinement to the nth degree, often cajoled me to be a better person by example.

Through personal conversation Sandra and I share a commonality; both of us were passed over- becoming Prefects, because of our associations with Americans: I for being one; and her living there as a Foreign Exchange Student. [moral of the story-always be careful with whom you associate]

Below right: Ross C.-Real Estate mogul extraordinaire, artisan of stage and singer of song, published author. see Scimitar 1964. [hi Ross]

Ross W.~Ross was instrumental in rounding out my classical education, by giving me the skills in the use of many wonderful and graphic expletives, his thoughtful training and on the spot timing, readied me in this, not so always nice world; said training proved to invaluable throughout the years. [love ya Ross, would like to hear from you...jb]

Question of the Decade....... Where is Leif J.?

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Production, layout and restoration of images by John William Balsillie. Information and photographs are from the following individuals, with sincere thanks for all the time and effort they have provided.

Norma Adelaide Balsillie~Anderson
Donald & Cindy Anderson
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Photos by john balsillie

Columbia Gorge out of Portland 2006 "misty morning"

"sun rays" Cabbage Hill ~ Pendleton, Or 2006 (l)

"couple walking" Dusseldorf, Germany 1970 (r)

"cabin in the valley" Eastern Ore. 2000

"valley butte" Eastern Ore 2001

The Ranch ~ Eastern Oregon 1999

Giza Plateau 1966

LadyDog 2005